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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Guard your computer from viruses

Guard your computer from viruses

If you are not sure what a virus is please visit What is a virus and how do I know if I have one?

* Anti virus software: Always have a good antivirus software installed. The free ones do work occasionally, however you are better off paying for an antivirus that has backup support and regular updates. Here are some choices for Virus Removal Software.

* Limit Downloading: Downloading from unknown sources is dangerous because it is highly likely that you will end up with a virus. If you are downloading a program it is best to make sure it comes from a reputable software manufacturer. Do your research and you will save your computer some stress.

* Bad websites: Websites that offer things that are too good to be true or have XXXX content usually can give you a virus or a tracking cookie the instant you visit this site. the best way is to stay away from these sites.

* Suspicious emails: If you are not sure who has sent an email and it has an attachment, do not open it, delete it. If it really is important the person will resend it to you. I received one to my personal email saying 'here are your credit card records you requested...etc etc' I was really temped to open it but I knew it wasn't from my bank. I just wanted to see if they really had my credit card number, but I deleted it.. They wanted me to open it.

*Illegal software: If you don't have the real deal software you are putting your computer at risk. People have tampered and altered this software to make it work illegally and who knows what they have added to it. This software can also very easily do weird things to your computer.

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