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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Network Printer

Network Printer

Add Network Printer Applies to Windows Vista. Even though adding a network printer in Windows Vista is much the same as Windows XP, there are a few tiny differences. If you are already sharing an internet connection and have a network, it is unbelievably easy to add a network printer.

Add Network Printer Applies to Windows XP. This is a handy way to get away with having only one printer per household. You only need a printer attached to one computer on the home network and all the others can access it to use it.

Enable Printer and File sharing How to enable in Windows XP And Vista. Before sharing anything on a network, you must change settings that allow files, folders, and printers to be shared. There is just a few simple steps.

Path to your network printer How to find the path \\server\printer Sometimes the add printer wizard cannot find your network printer and this is when you will have to know the path to your printer. My network printer is installed on a computer in my house named Frank and the printer is called Hpprinter. Therefore my path is \\frank\hpprinter.

Set Network printer permissions Set who can change printer settings in Windows XP and Vista. You may want other users on the network to simply view a folder, but not allow them to alter or change it in any way. Setting permissions with a network printer can stop people from changing printing options.

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