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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Installing Unicode Bengali in your PC

Installing Unicode Bengali font in your pc..............Different Views :

Way : 1


How to view Bengali (Bangla) Unicode Fonts

The preferred option to view Bengali should be Unicode 4.1 compliant Bengali OpenType Fonts (OTF). This is applicable for GNU Linux, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. Unfortunately Windows 9x and Win ME are not well supported. Microsoft has already announced end of support for Windows 9x and Windows ME. I am not familiar with Mac.

There are three good choices.

If you want to install Bengali Fonts visit the following links

For Microsoft Windows, a simple approach is to use the automatic font installer with all open type free bangla fonts from OmicronLab. Note that the following fonts, which are not compliant with Unicode 4.1, are also installed.

  • Akaash
  • Mitra Mono
  • Sagar
  • Mukti narrow

One cannot write (type) in Bengali just by installing Bengali fonts. For writing in Bengali visit this link.

If the above information is not sufficient, then visit this excellent Bangla Unicode Setup Guide (for Windows 2000/XP) or Wikipedia.

Bangla Unicode Setup Guide provides detailed information on adding Bengali (Bangla) support in Internet Explorer and FireFox.

If you, still, cannot see Unicode Bangla (Bengali) based web sites, with IE, Firefox or Opera, then ensure that your browser’s encoding is Unicode (UTF-8).

Windows 98/ME is still being used. So for Windows 98/ME refer this link.

This blog has comments with useful information. I suggest that you read them.

Way : 2


Bangla Unicode Setup

Windows XP:
To view Bengali you need to install Windows complex script to view complex Asian characters like Bengali. To install complex script Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Language, and check the “Install files for complex scripts and right-to-left languages” option. You will need your Windows XP SP2 installer CD to install these new files. You can also download this here.

Windows Vista:
Bangla script support is automatically enabled.

Windows 2000:
To configure Bengali in Windows 2000 go to Control Panel>Regional Options>Language settings for the system, and select Indic from the list. Then click Ok. Windows may ask for the Windows 2000 installer CD it in order to copy necessary system files.

Windows 95, 98, ME and NT:
These operating systems contain no support for indic scripts (combined letters) and thus no support for Bangla script. However, downloading Internet Explorer 6.0, Opera (9 or later) or Mozilla Firefox (you need version 2.0 or later! ) should enable you to view Bangla scripts on these operating systems but you will not be able to edit any Bangla text. If after downloading the appropriate browser you still cannot view Indic scripts please install an appropriate Unicode Bangla font.

Windows 2003 Server: To configure Bengali in Windows server 2003 go to Control Panel> Regional and Language Options >Language, and check Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai). Then click Ok. Windows may ask for the Windows 2003 Server installer CD it in order to copy necessary system files.

Mac OS X:
Unicode support is built into Mac OS X. You need to download and install Bangla unicode supported fonts with Apple Advance Typography (AAT) to enable it. You can download some of them from Ekushey.Org. To view unicode Bangla web pages use Safari as your browser. Currently Firefox/Mozilla/Camino do not support AAT. As a result you will not see Bangla properly on those browsers. To input Bangla you have to download unicode Bangla keyboard layouts. You can download some of the layouts from Ekushey.Org.

Linux with Gnome Desktop:
You do not need to do anything to enable viewing of Indic text in Gnome 2.8 or later. Ensure you have Bangla Unicode fonts.

When using Mozilla or Firefox, you must enable Pango rendering by opening xterm and typing MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=1 mozilla or MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=1 firefox. After this, all future sessions of Mozilla or Firefox will have Bangla language support. This will work only on Firefox compiled with ctl support. The firefox binaries supplied by Fedora Core 4,[ [en:Debian]] and Ubuntu Linux are compiled with this ctl and set this option, by default. Also, make sure that you have a Firefox 2..0 or later, earlier versions have abug concerning rendering of Indic fonts.

Linux with KDE Desktop:

You do not need to do anything to enable viewing of Indic text. Ensure you have appropriate Unicode fonts for each script you wish to view or edit.

Linux fedora 5,6,7 and ubuntu 7 have language pack.You just need to install bangla support while installing linux or install it from linux cd/dvd

Installing Unicode Font

Download free bangla unicode fonts from omicronlab.com.
Recommended fonts: [Priority high to low]: Vrinda, SolaimanLipi, AponaLohit, Bangla, Siyam Rupali, Likhan

Download new and fixed version of Vrinda from here
Download SolaimanLipi from here.

Now you are ok to see bangla correctly, just setup your web browser for utf support.

Setup Browser for Unicode

For Mozilla Firefox:
Go to Tool > Options. Then go to Contents tab. Click on the Advanced under Fonts and Colors option. Select Fonts for Bengali, and select BNG as Serif, San serif and Monospace font.Go to your browser’s “view” menu and set the “character encoding” or “encoding” feature to: Unicode (UTF-8).

For Internet Explorer:

Go to Tools > Internet Options. Click on the Fonts button. Then select Language Script: Bengali, Webpage font: BNG. Click Ok.Go to your browser’s “view” menu and set the “character encoding” or “encoding” feature to: Unicode (UTF-8).

For Safari:
Go to Edit > Preferences > Appearance tab > Default Encoding >choose Unicode (UTF-8) from drop down list.

For Opera:
Go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced tab > Fonts>International fonts>choose Bengali from drop down list. Select Bengali font of your choice. In most of the cases,opera automatically detects your support for unicode onece you have it in operating systems and installed fonts. Go to your browser’s “view” menu and set the “character encoding” or “encoding” feature to: Unicode (UTF-8).


If you face any problem with updated version of any browser then please contact to site admin.

Bangla Keyboard

Web Based:
You can use free bangla script Unijoy and Phonetic keyboard layout to write unicode bangla.

Desktop keyboard:
Avro by omicronlab: avro and avro portabale.
Avro manual is here in pdf format.
Shabdik by iecb: Download (Shareware)

Addons and plugins:
Firefox addons by Shabdik: Download

Way: 3


Bangla Unicode Setup for Windows PC

Step 1.
First of all, you need to install support for Windows complex script to view complex Asian characters like Bangla. You can download it from here (alt). Run it and install.

Step 2.
Install an Unicode Bangla font. You can download a nice Bangla font from here. Download it and copy that file into Control Panel > Fonts. After copying the font press F5 twice. It will refresh the list of available fonts.

Step 3.
Configure you browser so that it uses your newly installed Bangla unicode font.

For Internet Explorer
Go to Tools > Internet Options. Click on the Fonts button.
Select Language Script : Bengali
Select Webpage Font: BNG.
Click Ok.
Click Ok, again.

For Firefox
Go to Tool > Options from menu.
Go to Contents tab.
Click on the Advanced under Fonts and Colors option.
Select Fonts for Bengali, and select BNG as Serif, San serif and Monospace font.
Click Ok.
Click Ok, again.

You are DONE after browser configuration. For more in this issue under different Operating systems, visit this Wikipedia page.

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Concerning backing up windows

Problem: I have two hard drives and no windows disk i have windows xp on c if i make a copy of the windows folder to f and try too boot from f will it work?

Solution :

Simple answer: No. Too many things will be wrong.

But if we clone the contents of C: to our F: drive, then it should work. Most often I will use "dd" to clone or if not, then the drive manufacturer's own software, available at your disk's support website. Moreover I like to use NORTON GHOST FOR CLONING WINDOWS in another drive and I can use it as saved whenever when it was as earlier.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Install extra Hard Drive

Problem: If You have 2 Hard drives in one pc ; one is IDE and another One is Ribbon cable. If you want to use another HARD DRIVE in the system..............What You have to do ?

You may have 2 cdrom and One IDE and TWO RiBBON cable.

Solution : Does the computer have USB 2.0? You can use a USB ide/sata external drive adapter.


you can add a controller card if you have a spare PCI slot in the computer.


You can add more drives by installing a drive controller card (Promise controllers cards are very popular), or you can use an external USB hard drive.

CA Anti-Virus 2009 : Download it.....

Comprehensive 2009 Anti-Virus Software Protection

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How to decrease Image size with scanner then print smaller

We can set image resolution size in software which given with the scanner. After all happened we can use different softwares to resize them positively.

Irfanview will let you manipulate many types of images. The GIMP will also. You can also use various online websites to edit images and skip having to download and install software.

You can use ACDSEE software to do so.




You can also use default MICROSOFT WIndows PICTURE and FAX VIEWER - to do so

You should also become aware of lossy and lossless types of formats in which images can be saved and that can influence their quality at a later time:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nokia Mobile Games for downloading

Here few more Nokia Mobile Games for downloading. You may enjoy downloading all.

Download link is here - NOKIA GAMES

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Change Your Currency : Widget for Finacne

Just Covert Your Desired Currency

Count the World Population: Add Gadget in Your Webpage

A Very informative Gadget this one. Hope you will like it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

How to Set Your Desired Wallpaper as Folder Background Image in Windows

In Windows 98, we could change the background color, image, fonts, etc in any folder but this facility was removed from Windows XP.

It was a good feature and many people still miss that feature in Windows XP.

Here I'm posting methods to have any desired wallpaper as background image in any folder in Windows XP:

A. Using Desktop.ini Hack to Set a Wallpaper as Folder Background Image:

1. Open Command Prompt and set folder attribute to "system". Suppose there is a folder "Setup" in "D:\" drive, in which you want to set a wallpaper as background image. So give following command in Command Prompt:

attrib +s D:\Setup

It'll change the attribute to "system".

2. Now open Notepad and paste following code:

{BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC} = {BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC}


Now change "path_of_the_wallpaper" to the exact path of the wallpaper which you want to set as background. Suppose the wallpaper is stored in "D:\Wallpaper\Image1.jpg", then the code will be as following:

{BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC} = {BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC}


NOTE: If you copy the wallpaper in the same folder which you are editing, then you can simply put the wallpaper name in the file. e.g. if you copy the "Image1.jpg" file in "Setup" folder, then the code will be as following:

{BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC} = {BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC}


"IconArea_Text" stands for the text color, you can change it to white, yellow, blue, black or any other color. You just need to know the hexa-decimal number of the color and then replace the code in "IconArea_Text" section. A few most used color codes are as follows:

Black - 0x00000000
White - 0x00FFFFFF
Green - 0x0000FF00
Blue - 0x00FF0000
Purple - 0x00C000C0
Red - 0x000000FF
Yellow - 0x0000FFFF
Indigo - 0x00FFFF00

3. Now save the file with name "Desktop.ini" (including quotes) and copy the file in the desired folder which is "Setup" in our example.

4. Thats it. Close the folder and re-open it. Now it should show the wallpaper as background.

B. Using the Same Method of "IEShwiz.exe" file used in Windows 9x/NT/2000:

1. Copy "IEShwiz.exe" file from Windows 98/Me/NT/2000 and paste in "%windir%" directory (C:\Windows, if your Windows is installed in C:\ drive).

2. Now open regedit and goto:


Now under this key, create a new key "Customize This Folder". Now select this newly created key and create another key under it with the name "Command". Select this new key "Command" and change the value of "Default" in right side pane to IESHWIZ.EXE %1

3. Thats it. Now open any folder and right-click, you'll get an option "Customize This Folder". Click on it and follow the wizard and you'll be able to set a wallpaper as the background and to change font color.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Serials for Your Software : Series of A

Here a List of Serial Numbers for software. Please have yours and post a useful comment for us. For getting your desired Serial No. Please Press CTRL+F and type your desired software name.

Series A

A Rob Fantastic MP3 Encoder v1.3 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 354154761
A Smaller Image v1.0 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 452917426
Abobe PageMaker v6.5 (Mac) - Serial - 02W652E7105666-321
Above & Beyond 98 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - fdr721
Abracadabra v1.23 - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 1095903
Abracadabra v1.24 - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 1095903
Absolute FTP v1.0 - Name - _RudeBoy_ - Company - Phrozen Crew - Serial -
02-01-900000 - Expiration - Never - Key - 1237 9814 1293 3185 9734
Absolute FTP v1.5b3 - Name - _RudeBoy_ - Company - Phrozen Crew - Serial -
02-01-900000 - Expiration - Never - Key - 1237 9814 1293 3185 9734
Absolute FTP v1.5 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Company - #CRACKS - Serial -
02-15-000000 - Expiration - Never - Key - 4698 7192 1523 5108 2631
Absolute FTP v1.5 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Company - #CRACKS - Serial -
02-28-019980 - Expiration - Never - Key - 9089 5172 7426 8057 7359
Absolute Protect v1.2 - Name - ZOBEL - Serial - 76692358
AccuSet v5.0b - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Company - (Your company here) - Serial -
ACDExpress v3.14 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Company - #CRACKS - Serial -
4788235138 or 431964751811327
ACDSee v2.3x - Name - #CRACKS - Serial - 379164171454485
ACDSee v2.3x - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 229830927254479 or
ACDSee v2.3x - Name - Phrozen Crew 98 - Serial - 493673375054485 or
ACDSee v2.4 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 326063097221327
ACDSee Notes v2.x - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Company - Fee Free Warez - Serial -
AceExpert v2.54 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - UERTYH-40386T-J0Z996-P3JZ9D
AceExpert v3.0 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - EY1K-I1ZE-CHLF-4XZX
AceExpert v3.0 - Name - My Self - Serial - U1JE-2ZFQ-NZIZ-ZZZZ
AceFTP v1.04 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - F7458P-2TYPY7-652A34-LMVJAT
AceFTP v1.1 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - F7458P-2TYPY7-652A34-LMVJAT
AceFTP v1.11a - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - F7458P-2TYPY7-652A34-LMVJAT
AceFTP v1.2 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - F7458P-2TYPY7-652A34-LMVJAT
AceReader v3.2 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 5aRN6Vh79W - (single)
AceReader v4.0 - Name - Phrozen Crew - Serial - 4vHnKfR47n
Acquire v2.01 - Serial - UCF2000034035812774356
Acquire v2.1 - Serial - Hex19571975
ACrypt for Win95 v4.6 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 4935 or 4936 or 4937
ActiveX Component Suite v3.0 - Serial - ACS300X-9712-23773163-4450 or
ACS300X-9809-2880615-0591 or ACS300X-9706-486273-3170
ActiveX Manager v1.3 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 6577-eCxWPAFz
Active Threed v2.04 - Serial - 01A0000-7575363
Active Threed Plus v3.0 - Serial - 0130-01W00SI-RAX9603
Active ToolBars v1.01 - Serial - 01A0002-7140552
Accuset Clocktool v5.0b Pro - Serial - 16244437C9365B1E
Add/Remove 4 Good v2.0 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 6582-7CW0P0WF
Add/Remove Cleaner v2.3 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - F13156FE
AddSoft v2.17 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 877132989
AddSoft v2.21 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 877132989
AddSoft v2.21 - Name - FREEWARE - Serial - 033297678
AddSoft v2.26 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 877132989
AddWeb v2.46 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Code - 188382408 (Standard) - 271321417
(Gold) - 209160458 (Pro) - Update key - 623426
AddWeb v2.46 - Name - Registered [followed by any text] - Code - 205987140
(Standard) - 288926149 (Gold) - 226765190 (Pro) - Update key - 623426
AddWeb v2.47 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Code - 188382408 (Standard) - 271321417
(Gold) - 209160458 (Pro) - Update key - 623426
AddWeb v2.47 - Name - #CRACKS - Code - 13719702 (Standard) - 96658711 (Gold) -
34497752 (Pro) - Update key - 623426
AddWeb v2.52 - Name - #CRACKS - Code - 13719702 (Standard) - 96658711 (Gold) -
34497752 (Pro) - Update key - 623426
Adobe Acrobat Exchange v4.0 b2 - Serial - AEW400R3900106-762-184
Adobe Acrobat v3.01 - Serial - PWW250R3107069-312
Adobe After Effects v3.1 - Serial - EXX344R7032197-886 or EXX666R9123199-434 or
Adobe After Effects v3.6 - Serial - EWW310R3100034-100-504 (100 users) or
EWW360R3100034-100-504 (100 users)
Adobe Capture v2.0 - Serial - WCW200R7100755-319
Adobe Dimensions v3.0 - Serial - DJW300R7101786-723 or DJW300R7102283-136
Adobe File Utilities v3.0 - Serial - KWW300R7105734-545
Adobe Font Folio v8.0 - Serial - AWW400R7110870-808
Adobe Illustrator v7.01 - Serial - ABW700R7106044-373 or ABW700X7102095-731
Adobe Illustrator v8.0 - Serial - ABW800X7102095-685 or ABW800R7119160-874
Adobe Image Ready v1.0 - Serial - DHM100XX675123099-999-435 (999 users, Expires
Adobe Image Ready v1.0 - Serial - EXM100XX675071598-005-414
Adobe ImageStyler v1.0 - Serial -
Adobe PageMaker v6.52 - Serial - 03-3002-000062275 or 03W600R1118753-720 -or
03-4004-100486078 or 03W650R7104326-845
Adobe PageMill v3.0 - Serial - MLW300R7999999-960
Adobe PhotoDeluxe v1.0 - Serial - HTW100R7108267-350 or HTW100R7106474-426 or
HGW100M7100009-534 or HJW100B7100000-181 or HJW100M7100003-623 or
Adobe PhotoDeluxe v2.0 - Serial - HTW200r7100048-493
Adobe PhotoDeluxe v2.0 Beta 2 - Serial - HGW100B7100005-459
Adobe PhotoDeluxe v3.0 - Serial - HTW100R7100000-363
Adobe Photoshop v4.0 - Serial - PWW400R7106337-339 (also werks on 5.0)
Adobe Photoshop v5.0 - Serial - PWE500X7205050-732 or PWE500X7205119-408 or
PWW500E7118705-396 or PWW500R7130314-625
Adobe Premiere v5.0 - Serial - MXX500R666666-500-953 or MBF420U3000205-940 or
Adobe Premiere v5.1 - Serial - MBF420U3000205-940
Adobe Persuasion v4.0 - Serial - 09W123X523456-521
Adobe Streamline v3.0 - Serial - SBW300S1100640-184
Adobe Streamline v4.0 - Serial - SBW400U7100000-392 or SBW400U7102000-766
Adobe Type on call v4.1 - Serial - 5399-1995-9328-1470-9838-773
Adobe TypeManager Deluxe v4.0 (Danish) - Serial - AWW400R7110870-808
Adobe TypeManager DeLuxe v4.0 for 95 - Serial - AWW400R7110587-713 or
AWW400R7110870-808 or AWW400R7104274-893
Adobe TypeManager DeLuxe v4.0 for NT - Serial - XNW400R7100907-477 or
AdsOff! v1.5 - Name - TheBrabo - Serial - 12012Oma
Advanced Dialer v1.2 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 47875300
Advanced Disk Catalog v1.20b - Serial - 1303196920041974ERqdY0pQKLeKcBeo
Advanced Disk Catalog v1.30 - Serial - 14096898 or 14097888 or 14089968
Advanced Access Password Recovery v1.1 - Serial - 8KCApk6PrrhVr7ZsrfG8bese
Advanced ARJ Password Recovery v1.05 - Serial -
Advanced Zip Password Recovery v0.93 - Serial -
00013112193920061941APmeZLTPBBRgzzJd or 000131121939200619412CgFTZd7xM5wqmFo or
Advanced Zip Password Recovery v2.0 - Serial -
AdWiper v1.02 - Serial - 9-205527 or 43-210143 or 875-216217 or 8653-221273 or
96422-226117 or PREDATOR666-302507 or 999999999999999300-3000339-205527
Aepryus Calculator v1.2 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 1394687532
After Dark v3.2 - Serial - ADC-32659-7016
Agenda 98 v1.2 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 77F236C655EF456B99EA59A90
Agent Deluxe v1.5 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial -
Agent Deluxe v1.5 - Serial -
Agent v1.5 - Serial - VRXYNLB2-JK63794B-MSRD55CE-PNLV8K4D-DHWT67KA or
Agile HTML Editor v1.20 - Serial - %NGVDJK3%G?7Y8QY8Q2/C46REX$N>?LW8%Z>G6K
AI Picture Utility v2.1 - Name - Finn Mac CooL HHT - Serial -
AI Picture Utility v2.2 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial#1 - Finn Mac CooL12R -
Serial#2 - Finn Mac CooL12W
AbirNet SessionWall-3 v1.21 - Serial - D1FB563-477B-19568C-6E43A-00044D57
Akoff Music Composer v1.00b - E-Mail - bthorne@... - Key Code -
Aladdin DropStuff v1.0 - Serial - DSWCR6539877369
Aladdin FlashBack v1.1.1 - Serial - FBKA684028568 or FBKA870942733 or
AlignIt v1.0 - Name - Licensed User - Serial - 155722619
Alive and Kicking v2.8 - Name - Phrozen Crew - Serial - WW-1493137800-AK
All Calc v1.62 - Pin - 6969696 - Serial - CF0DEF
All In One Yahtzee v2.4 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 304401
Almanac v3.5e - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - A6625446
Alpha Communicator v2.1 - Serial - 123456789 - Code - 3r5oiqt
AltaMax Online Shopper v1.2 - Serial - 746-Intern-8128MJG291190
Anawave Gravity v2.1 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - ABCDEFUL - Code -
Andor v1.0 - Serial - ANDR2291
Andromeda 3D Series II - Serial - 5M30400120-0441 or 0P20000000-0051 or
Andromeda v4.0 - Serial - 6P41200450-1461
Andromeda Shadow Filter - Serial - 8P51050073-0351
Andromeda Velociraptor - Serial - 7P10210439-3367
Anet Help Tool v4.52 - Serial - WBA048 - Code - 942696578
Animagic Gif Animator v1.05e - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 24f03c13
Animagic Gif Animator v1.06b - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 24f03c13 or
Animated Puzzles v1.0 Name - (Your name here) - Serial - 371160
Animated Screen v2.2 - Name - #CRACKS - Serial - CE87E400
Animated Screen v2.2 - Name - FINN MAC COOL - Serial - DBC48300
Animated Screen v2.22 - Name - #CRACKS - Serial - CE87E400
Animated Screen v2.22 - Name - FINN MAC COOL - Serial - DBC48300
Animessage 98 v3.0 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 654487
AnonMail v1.30 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 23037
Any Speed v1.3 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 73744100
AnyFolder v1.05 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 1416419
Applet Button Factory v3.0 - Name - MK67Z - Serial - TRS98Z
Applet Button Factory v4.0 - Name - MK67Z - Serial - TRS98Z
Applet Headline Factory v1.0 - Name - H9EA7 - Serial - TO78R
Applet Headline Factory v3.0 - Name - H9EA7 - Serial - TO78R
Applet Marquee Factory v2.0 - Name - P97Z - Serial - 23WS3
Applet Marquee Wizard v3.0 - Name - P97Z - Serial - 23WS3
Applet Navigation Factory v1.0 - Name - 78EFG - Serial - PK753
Applet Menu Wizard v2.0 - E-mail - Intern_@... - Serial - 41BE797F1428E4E8
Applet Password Wizard v1.0 - Name - EFG89W - Serial - 312ZXC
ARCServe Enterprise v6.5 for WinNT - Serial - CWETL-H14EK-XW9WC-R7KXM
ARCserve v6.1 for NetWare WorkGroup Edition - Serial - 00000515 - Unlock Code -
IXCTC-X14XX-XX9IX-M7XJR or Serial - 00000516 - Unlock Code -
ArcView GIS v3.1 - Serial - 911111111111 or 999991999999 or 693241329832 or
ARJ vX.XX - Company - #CRACKS - Serial - 19981998-0x97ACC613
ArjShell v1.3 - Name - Sonixx - Serial - 686533162
ARM98 v1.3 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - e-mail - fmc@... - Serial -
Arriba Express v1.5 - Serial - VU5900007140000-000
Art-Scan v4.0 - Password - great
Artis-11C v2.0 - Name - (Your name here) - Serial - 67-4938
Artisoft XtraMail v1.11 - Serial - 69876543210 - Code - 666677A119A8
Associate v1.3 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - VCS,*2448
Astound Dynamite v1.10 - Serial - 9007001103 or 1502704512
Astound v5.0326 - Serial - 3232722387
Astrology for Windows v2.2 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - WH184985
Astronauts Chronometer v1.2 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 66D-665
Astronomica v1.5 - Name - Intern / TEX - Serial - 73 - 101 - 12 - 88
Astronomica v1.5 - Name - MASSiVE '98 - Serial - 7724-839204-1136-56704
Assure File Shredder v1.0 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - gmMM-5#@AO
Ataman TCP Logon Services v2.4 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 128008 - (To
register, type this at the command line, REGISTER 128008 "Finn Mac CooL")
Atomic Harvester 98 - Name - mISTER fANATIC [C4A] - Unlock key - $9B6812F0
Atomic Harvester 98 - Name - JohnDoe1 [C4A] - Unlock key - $593773FF
Atomic Harvester 98 - Name - C4A Team - Unlock key - $6AE4081F
Attachment Opener v2.0 - Name - (Your name here) - Company - (Your company here)
- Reg - 823091-8553 - Key - 5K5E-24083F02A3A5-FFFF
Au2Html v3.0 - Name - #CRACKS - Serial - 5BAED5A9AEC3D8
Au2Html v3.0 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - B611111E11E53C8FC10153AE121121C6
Auction Assistant v2.1.13 - Serial - 127320AA2830
Audio Compositor v3.2 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - QWPSwva9
Audiograbber v1.30 - 02D5FD4631
Audiograbber v1.31 - 11D5FD4631 or 123450657F or 014264F504 or 03DCAE53F8
Audiograbber v1.40 - Serial - 0364C8CD7A
AUDITION It! v2.01 - Name - Black Thorne - PC'98 - Serial - $3A2B088DB
AUDITION It! v2.02 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - $@D828744
Audition v3.1 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Company - Fee Free Warez - Serial -
Audition v3.1 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Company - #CRACKS - Serial - 2984868808
Audition v3.3 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Company - #CRACKS - Serial - 2984868808
Authorware v4.0 - Serial - APW400-08634-87077-11404 - Upgrade SKU - WAW40D01
Auto Pics to Html v1.0c - Name - Black Thorne - Company - PC'98 - Serial -
AutoCleaner v1.03.0006 - Name - Phrozen Crew - Serial - Phrozen Crew8155
AutoDesk Animator Pro v3.05 - Serial - 655-10000088
AutoDesk AutoCAD LT 97 - Serial - 160-10420197 - CDkey - V4LR
AutoDesk AutoCAD LT 98 - Serial - 160-10420197 - CDkey - V4LR
AutoDesk AutoCAD LT 98 - Upgrade Serial - 160-10584709 - CDkey - CRMD
AutoDesk AutoCAD r14 - Serial - 117-99703105 - CDKey - W36H - AuthCode -
AutoDesk AutoCAD r14 - Serial - 220-00016401 - CDKey - U9TV - P/N -
AutoDesk AutoSketch v6.0 - Serial - 110-20158545
AutoDesk Mechanical Desktop v2.0 - Serial - 111-11111111 - Key - X8NU - AuthCode
- aeaf67b7
AutoDialer v1.0 - Serial - 149924556132
AutoFTP PRO v1.4 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 376702059-574
AutoFTP PRO v1.5 - Name - #CRACKS - Serial - 981220830-574
AutoFTP PRO v1.5 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 376702059-574
AutoInsult v3.2 - Name - #CRACKS - Serial - 21fe3e47
AutoInsult v3.2 - Name - DV - Serial - 20900d10
AutoInsult v3.2 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 4c12025a
Automasker v1.5.1.107 - Serial - AMS300-06974076 or AMS300-57777418
AutoMate v4.05 - Pro Serial - 18535047
AutoMate v4.05 - Standard Serial - 18534764
AutoMate v4.06 - Pro Serial - 18514442
AutoMate v4.06 - Standard Serial - 17209796
AutoMate v4.07 - Pro Serial - 18520242
AutoMate v4.1 - Pro Serial - 18523780
AutoMate v4.1 - Standard Serial - 25750257
Auto Pager v1.0 - Serial - 4866228
AUTOption v1.0 - Name - Phrozen Crew - Serial - 13729752
AUTOption v1.4 - Name - #CRACKS - Serial - 14219897 (Personal)
AUTOption v1.4 - Name - #CRACKS - Serial - 11419814 (Buisness)
AUTOption v1.4 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 11418979 (Personal)
AUTOption v1.4 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 14218903 (Buisness)
AutoSpell v5.41 - Serial - Y7YUGYGUEEUUGS1205002 or 4PP44PP9W4P4P91605005 or
Awale v2.4 - Serial - CC98 - Code - TZJZD-L9A
Axman v2.20 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Company - Fee Free Warez - Serial -

Source : Various Internet Web.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Callsinfo : A Smartphone Application to get call record.

CallsInfo is a Symbian mobile phone application or rather a smartphone application. Callsinfo is a Call logs application which breaks the monotone way of getting the calls details in a S60 phone.

* First application which analyze outgoing calls and incoming calls graphically.
* First application which provides a detail about with whom you have talked maximum.
* First application which provide you detail about your bill.
* Know how much sms you have sent to which number.
* Detailed analysis of Incoming, Outgoing and sms.
* Know your expected expenditure without contacting the operator.

Main feature:
  • With this application you can also keep an eye on the number to which you have talked maximum.
  • You can also store your call rates in the application and this application will automatically calculate the bill for you.
  • You can also know the information like how many SMS have sent to each number.
  • CallsInfo memorizes your calling pattern of each month and can estimate your future expenditure on the basis of the data it collects.



Slick is a mobile phone instant messenger which allows you to chat with your friends. Not only this but you can also connect to your online messenger through slick as it provides a multi-IM environment. However a public alpha release is available which is available free of cost.

Main features are as ;

  • Its supports multi protocol environment including the support for all the major clients such as ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, Google Talk, Jabber. There is very little or approximately zero probability that you will have your account beyond these clients.
  • It also supports the file transfer facility which is indeed very important these days.
  • Not only you can send the IMs to all you online friends and buddies but you can also send them offline messages and they will receive the messages when they come online next time.
  • It also provides the emoticons feature and Alerts like sound, backlight, vibration, notify window displaying the number of new messages.
  • You can also send messages to individual user or you also have the option of group messaging.

Get Your Horoscope in Your Blog Widgets

Get Your daily horoscope in your blog widgets. It's Just a click away .

For html code, You mail me.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Widgets : Welcome : Just Copy and Paste in your Webpage

I got this beautiful Widgets featuring Welcome with current Time. And just sharing with u.

For HTML CODE Please mail us.

Unicode Bengali Fonts : Download a lot from here

পূর্বে আমি প্রায়শই সমস্যায় পড়তাম অনলাইনে বাংলা পড়তে। আর এই সমস্যার আড়ালে খুঁজতে থাকতাম প্রয়োজনীয় বাংলা ইউনিকোড ফন্ট। খুঁজতে খুঁজতে যা পেলাম এ যাবত, এখানে সবার সাথে শেয়ার করার মানসে দিয়ে দিলাম ।

ফন্ট তালিকা -
  • আদর্শলিপি,
  • সাগর,
  • সোলায়মানলিপি,
  • দূর্গা,
  • আমার বাংলা,
  • আপনলোহিত,
  • গোধূলী,
  • পূজা,
  • স্বরস্বতী,
  • শরীফা,
  • সিয়ামরুপালি,
  • সুমিত,
  • রুপালি,
  • পূণর্ভবা,
  • মহুয়া,
  • মুক্তি,
  • মিত্র,
  • লিখন,
  • বাংলা,
  • আজাদ এবং আরো কিছু
ডাউনলোড করুন সবগুলি এক সাথে - রার ফাইল হিসেবে। ইউনিকোড লিংক

AVAST : Free Antivirus : Download from here

Publisher's description of Avast Home Edition From Alwil Software

Avast Home Edition is a complete ICSA & Checkmark certified antivirus, Checkmark certified anti-spyware & anti-rootkit package. Avast includes the following components: On demand scanner with skinnable simple interface, just select what do you want to scan in which way and press the Play button; On access scanner, special providers to protect the most of available e-mail clients; Instant messaging--ICQ, Miranda; Network traffic--intrusion detection, lightweight firewall; P2P protection for Kazaa, BitTorrent; Web shield--monitors and filters all HTTP traffic; NNTP scanner--scans all Usenet Newsgroup traffic and all operations with files on PC; Boot time scanner--scans disks in the same way and in the same time as Windows CHKDSK does.

Download from here .......... AVAST ANTIVIRUS HOME EDITION

আমাদের নেট স্পিড কেমন ??

আমরা যারা বাসায় কিঙবা অফিসে ইন্টারনেট ব্যবহার করি, তারা প্রায়শই আমাদের ইন্টারেন্ট সার্ভিস প্রোভাইডারের দেয়া তথ্যের উপর ভিত্তি করে অনুমান করে নেই যে আমাদের নেট স্পিড কেমন।

তাৎক্ষনিকভাবে প্রায়শই আমরা প্রকৃত নেট স্পিড জানার জন্য কিছু টুলস ব্যবহার করি। এই ধরনের একটি কার্যকরী টুলস হচ্ছে ডিইউমিটার - ফ্রি-তে ডাউনলোড করা যায় এটি এমন একটি টুলস এবং সেই সাথে ব্যবহার করাটাও অনেক সহজ। তবে অনেকেই শুধু মাত্র মাঝে মাঝে নেট স্পীড জানার জন্য এমন একটি টুলস ডাউনলোডের ঝামেলায় যেতে চাইবেন না । সেক্ষেত্রে, আপনাদের জন্য এমন একটি ওয়েব সাইট সম্পর্কে জানাতে পারি যেখান হতে খুউব সহজে আমরা জানতে পারি সাথে সাথে আমাদের নেট স্পীড এবং কিছু বাড়তি তথ্য।

সাইটটি হচ্ছে - ব্রডব্যান্ড স্পীড টেস্টার

আর যারা ডিইউ মিটার ব্যবহার করতে চান তাদের জন্য- ডাউনলোড লিংক

DUMeter : Download from here

DU Meter 4.0 is a major new version of Internet Speed Tracking utility. It enable us to use our Internet connection more efficiently by providing an accurate visualization of the data which is flowing through our network.

DU Meter also includes an extensive reporting facility, a flexible notifications and events system, and more.

Keep an eye on your Internet connection: see data coming in or going out.
Protect yourself from unexpected charges or Internet service disruption.
Receive alerts about dangerous or unexpected network activity.
Easy to use - works automatically with no user input required.
Uses very little resources, fully compatible with Windows Vista and XP.

Download DUMeter 4

Test your own Internet Speed

We use Broadband Internet Connection at our home and office. All the time, we are biased by Service Provider about the speed Without having any clue about speed of the internet we are using. In such case, We may have some tools and tricks to get update always. In internet we can find a lot of freeware tools like DUmeter. As I used DUmeter is one of easy to use tools.

In such case, A good online broadband speed tester will help us to choose the best internet options in the market, take the best decision and sometimes this will make you save some good money.

I have found another free tool to test your broadband speed test.

It will work with the most accurate results available for any type of connection including ADSL, cable and mobile broadband. It easy to use, just choose the details of your internet connection (provider, supposed speed, monthly internet and phone line cost, your postcode and a rate of your provider) then run the speed test and see the results with information on Broadband download speed and Broadband upload speed test.

Download DWMeter - DUMETER For more latest Version CLICK HERE NEW VERSION

Goto Broadband Speed tester - ONLINE TEST NOW

Try it and let me know how it worked for you :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Unlock your Nokia Mobile Phone

Sometime, we need to lock our phone set or we need to format our mobile phone.Have you ever encountered the situation when you may want to just lock your phone or you may want to format your phone ? if yes then this post is for you. Here we will give below some tips for NOKIA MOBILE SET to unlock and format it.

NOTE: The default security code for all Nokia handsets is 12345.

There are three ways through which you can unloack your nokia phone without knowing the security code.

Method 1. Try the default security code i.e 12345 for all nokia phones.

Method 2. Download the java software from here and install it on nokia java based symbian phone.

Method 3. You can also unlock your nokia phone directly over internet by “Enter your phone IMEI number” by typing the code in the brackets (*#06#) from this website .

Hope this trick will work for you. Please leave your comments.

Tricks and Codes for Symbian based Nokia Mobile Phone

There are some new technology related open operating system called Symbian based OS. The main features are as;

Symbian OS was built to follow three design rules: the integrity and security of user data is paramount, user time must not be wasted, and all resources are scarce. This led to the writing of a microkernel, a request-and-callback approach to services, the concept of separation between UI and Engine (the business logic of a Symbian application). The OS is optimised for low-power battery-based devices and for ROM-based systems (e.g. features like XIP and re-entrancy in shared libraries). Applications, and the OS, follow an object-oriented design.

Symbian is not open source software yet. However, phone manufacturers and other partners are provided with parts of its source code. The APIs are publicly documented and up to Symbian 8.1 anyone could develop software for Symbian OS.

The common series of Nokia for this kind of OS are
Below giving some tricks and code for this kind of symbian based Nokia model.

To know the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) No.: *#06#
To check the phones Software revision. *#0000#
To enter the service menu type. *#92702689#
Clock Stopping. *#746025625#

#06# Display the IMEI (GSM standard)
*#0000# Display the firmware version and date
*#bta0# Display the Bluetooth MAC address (models with build-in Bluetooth radio, activate first to show address)
*#mac0wlan# Display the WLAN MAC address (models with build-in Wi-fi radio)
*#opr0logo# Clear the operator logo (3310 and 3330 only)
*#pca0# Activate the GPRS PCCCH support (early GPRS models)
*#pcd0# Deactivate the GPRS PCCCH support (early GPRS models)
*#res0wallet# Reset the mobile wallet (models with mobile wallet)
*#res0# Soft-format the memory (Symbian models only)
*#rst0# Reset to factory defaults, confirmation required (DCT4 or newer)
*#sim0clock# Display the SIM clock status (DCT3 only)
*#ssn0# Display the manufacturing serial number (mid-range and premium, non-Symbian models, and those devired from them)
*#war0anty# Display the manufacturing and repair info (no exit on DCT3)
*efr0# Enable EFR encoding (pre-2003 models)
#efr0# Disable EFR encoding (pre-2003 models)
*hra0# Enable HR encoding (pre-2003 models)
#hra0# Disable HR encoding (pre-2003 models)
#pw+1234567890+n# Display the SIM lock status: (pre-2003 models)
n = 1: provider lock
n = 2: network lock
n = 3: country lock
n = 4: SIM lock

Mobile and Laptop Batteries Regain : Tips

How To regain the original increased backup time for your laptop and phone batteries.

We always face such problem with our Laptop and Mobile Batteries i.e. the charge is loosing continuously after using regularly for few days.

Its just simple and very easy to regain batteries following few steps as ;

1. Firstly drain your phone or laptop battery completely until the device gets shutdown due to battery.

2. Now simply charge your battery for a fixed time according to the manuals provided with it at the time of purchase.

3. Repeat the step 1 and step 2 for about 2 times a day fro 3-4 days.

If you really do the steps given above you will noticeably see a change in the backup time of your battery of phone or laptop.

YSlow : Analyzer of webpages

YSlow 0.9.5b2by Yahoo! Inc..

Ever wonder why a page is taking so long to load? YSlow will tell you why and give you a solution that positively impacts performanc

YSlow analyzes web pages and tells you why they're slow based on Yahoo's rules for high performance web sites.

Add to Firefox

More Images

Long Description

YSlow gives you:
* Performance report card
* HTTP/HTML summary
* List of components in the page
* Tools including JSLint

Advanced Details

* Firefox 3 and Firebug 1.2 beta support
* improved and simplified check for javascript minification
* different coloring for inline vs external CSS and JS ("All CSS" and "All JS" features)
* clickable list of resources as a Table of Contents ("All CSS" and "All JS" features)
* improved colors and presentation in the "legend" of component pies under Stats
* fixed a bug where the same hostname with different port number was counted as a separate DNS lookup.
* misc bugfixes and style tweaks

You must install Firebug: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1843

Free Downloading Vector Logo Site

Internet is a vast area where u can generate your creativity, thinking and motivation. We can share it too. Like Designers, it is very much essential to do so. And In designing concept, LOGO is one of the important matter for a designer. Here We found few sites which helps designer by providing free VECTOR LOGO.

Logo Templater : Just Awesome to work on this site. It provides best curve based graphics for a LOGO DESIGNER. A solid concept with unique creativity.
Search for a logo, agree to terms and conditions! The joy!

জেপিজি ফাইলের আড়ালে ফোল্ডার সংরক্ষন

প্রায়শই আমরা অফিসে কিঙবা বাসায় একি পিসিতে একাধিক ব্যক্তি ব্যবহার করি। সে সব ক্ষেত্রে একটা গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বিষয় হয়ে দাড়ায় নিজের প্রয়োজনীয় ফাইল এবং ফোল্ডার গোপন করে সংরক্ষন করা।

আজ আপনাদের সামনে নিয়ে হাজির হলাম - অন্য এক ট্রিক্স নিয়ে। অনেকেই হয়ত আমার এই ট্রিক্স সম্পর্কে অবগত আছেন। তবুও যারা জানেন না তাদের সাথে শেয়ার করার লোভ সামলাতে পারছি না বলে এখানে দিয়ে দিলাম।

এটি খুউব সহজ একটা বিষয়। বিষয়টি অনেকটা ক্যামোফ্ল্যাজ টাইপ একটি বিষয়। একটি জেপিজি ফাইলের আড়ালে আমাদের ব্যক্তিগত ফাইল এবং ফোল্ডার আড়াল করে রাখব।

তবে অবশ্যই একজন পিসি ব্যবহারকারী হিসেবে আপনার কাছে একটি কম্প্রেশন টুলস থাকতে হবে। সেটি হতে পারে উইন রার, উইন জিপ কিংবা উইন এস। যদি নাও থাকে, আপনি পেতে পারেন এখানে

Download Winrar

এভাবে আপনি ডাউনলোড করে রাখতে পারেন Winzip অথবা Winace।

আশা করি, এখন আপনাদের সংগ্রহে আছে এমন একটি কম্প্রেশন টুলস। এবার না হয়, কাজ শুরু করা যায় -

প্রথমেই একটা জেপিজি মানের একটি ছবি আমাদের ডেস্কটপে এনে রাখি।

তারপর, কম্প্রেশন টুলস এর ব্যবহার - এটি ব্যবহার করে আমরা একটি নতুন রার কিংবা জিপ ফাইল/ফোল্ডার তৈরী করতে পারি এবং এই রার/জিপ ফাইলে যোগ করতে পারি আমাদের সংরক্ষিত জেপিজি ফাইল কিংবা সাথে অন্য ফাইল। আশা করি এতটুকু সম্পন্ন করা হলে আমরা অগ্রসর হতে পারি।

এর পর, কমান্ড প্রম্পটের ব্যবহার। আশা করি সবাই এই বিষয়ের সাথে পরিচিত আছেন। কমান্ড প্রম্পটে কাজ করার জন্য আমরা আমাদের ডেস্কটপে এভাবে অগ্রসর হতে পারি -

Click start menu->run. Type cmd.

এতে আমরা আমাদের ডেস্কটপের উপরে একটা কালো পপ আপ স্ক্রীন পাবো যাতে আমরা আমাদের ডস কমান্ড ব্যবহার করে আরেক ধাপ অগ্রসর হবো।

প্রথমে ---- > cd "desktop" (এন্টার চাপতে হবে)
এর পর ---- > copy /b picturename.jpg + foldername.rar outputfilename.jpg (এন্টার চাপতে হবে)

(এখানে পিক্চার নেম হচ্ছে ডেস্কটপে সংরক্ষিত আমাদের পূর্বে উল্লেখিত ফাইল, ফোল্ডার নেইম হচ্ছে আমাদের জিপ কিংবা রারকৃত ফাইল এবং আউটপুটফাইল নেইম হচ্ছে যে নামে আমরা জেপিজি ফাইল এবং জিপ/রার ফোল্ডার সংরক্ষন করবো - জেপিজি ফাইলের আকারে)।

যারা পূর্বে রার এর পরিবর্তে জিপ করেছেন তাদের জন্য ডস কমান্ড হবে -

copy /b picturename.jpg + foldername.zip outputfilename.jpg

হয়ে গেলো আমাদের কাংখিত ট্রিক্স এর ফলে সৃষ্ট অভিনব এক ফাইল সংরক্ষন ব্যবস্থা। এখনই বন্ধ করবেন না কমান্ড স্ক্রিন।
ডেস্কটপে সংরক্ষিত আপনার আউটপুট ফাইলটি ডাবল ক্লিক করে দেখুন কী হয় এবং ........ শুধু ছবি দেখায় কী ??

একই সাথে একটি জেপিজি ফাইল এবং একটি ফোল্ডার সংরক্ষন হয়ে গেল। কোন পাসওয়ার্ড লাগল না। তবুও সংরক্ষন করা গেল আপনার মূল্যবান ফোল্ডার। প্রথমে জিপ/রার করার সময় আপনি সেই জিপ/রার ফোল্ডারে আপনার প্রয়োজনীয় ফাইলগুলো একজায়গায় জড়ো করে রাখতে পারেন। আর আমি এক্ষেত্রে বেছে নিয়েছি ডেস্কটপ। কাজ করার পর আমার প্রাপ্ত আউটপুট ফাইলটি আমি আমার ইচ্ছেমত জায়গায় নিয়ে যেতে পারি। পাঠাতে পারি বন্ধুবান্ধবদের কাছে।

এখন প্রশ্ন উঠতে পারে, এই যদি অবস্থা হয় তাহলে যখন ফোল্ডার এবং এর প্রয়োজনীয় ফাইল পেতে হলে কী করতে হবে - খুউব সহজ।

আবার কমান্ড প্রম্পটে যান - এবং টাইপ করুন

ren outputfilename.jpg outputfilename.rar or zip (এন্টার চাপুন এর পর)
(এখানেও আউটপুট ফাইল নেইম প্রথমটি হচ্ছে আমাদের প্রাপ্ত জেপিজ ফাইল এবং পরবর্তী আউটপুট ফাইল নেম হচ্ছে আমরা যে নামে একে রার/জিপ করতে চাই)

এতে পুরো আউটপুট ফাইলটি জিপ/রার এ রুপান্তরিত হয়ে যাবে। আর কম্প্রেশন টুলস তো আছে আনজিপ/আনরার করার জন্য।

আজ এতটুকু - অন্যদিন হয়ত অন্যভাবে শেয়ার করা যাবে। আর বিস্তারিত আপডেট জানতে খুউব কাছে আমার নিজের নিত্য ব্লগে -
http://technologysyi.blogspot.com - প্রতিনিয়ত চেষ্টায় নিত্য নতুন ট্রিক্স নিয়ে।

এখানে অন্যদের মতামত এবং আলোচনার জন্য অপেক্ষায় আছি।

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tricks and Tips: By Passing Windows without having password

There is a far better way to get into(hack into) Windows XP computer.This method is easy and it does not reset the password. Hack into a computer running Windows XP without changing/cracking the password and find out all and any passwords on the computer (including admin accounts) thus bypassing all Guest account restrictions.

You do not need access to any accounts to do this. Of course, do not do this on anyone else's computer without proper authorisation.

Steps to help you Hack into a Windows XP Computer without changing password:

1. Get physical access to the machine(computer). Remember that it must have a CD or DVD drive.

2. Download the software DreamPackPL from Official website or from Rapidshare.

3. Unzip the downloaded dreampackpl_iso.zip and you'll get dreampackpl.ISO.

4. Use any burning program that can burn ISO images.

5. After you have the disk, boot from the CD or DVD drive. You will see Windows 2000 Setup
and it will load some files.

6. Press "R" to install software DreamPackPL.

7. Press "C" to install DreamPackPL by using the recovery console.

8. Select the Windows installation that is currently on the computer (Normally is "1" if you only have one Windows installed)

9. Backup your original sfcfiles.dll by typing:
"ren C:\Windows\System32\sfcfiles.dll sfcfiles.lld" (without quotes)

10. Copy the hacked file from CD to system32 folder. Type:
"copy D:\i386\pinball.ex_ C:\Windows\System32\sfcfiles.dll" (without quotes and assuming your CD drive is D:)

11. Type "exit", take out disk and reboot.

12. In the password field, type "dreamon" (without quotes) and DreamPack menu will appear.

13. Click the top graphic on the DreamPack menu and you will get a menu popup.

14. Go to commands and enable the options and enable the god command.

15. Type "god" in the password field to get in Windows.

You can also go to Passwords and select "Logon with wrong password and hash". This option allows you to login with ANY password.

Note: I was unable to bring up the DreamPackPL for the first time because I have Kaspersky Anti-Virus already running in background. I believe most antivirus already labelled this tool as a Hack-Tool. A Hack-Tool is NOT a virus. DreamPackPL helps you bypass the Windows Login screen and it is not destructive.

Disclaimer : All the tricks and tips given in our Topics in this technology Blogs are for informative. Not to use any illegal ways. We do not encourage the Tricks to use bad way. We want to spread out our knowledge to help people who suffer such kind of problem in their house and office.