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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Network file setup and settings

Network file setup and settings

How to find your computer name When you first format a computer and install Windows you are prompted to give your computer a name. It could be George, Frank, Computer one, and so on. When you have a computer home network you can use the computer name to connect with other computers on your network instead of using other technical terms. (like IP addresses)

How to view your computer IP Address Find out how to find your computers IP address. You will need to know it if you want to use remote desktop or share files with other computers on your home network.

Change your IP Address Sometimes it is necessary to set your computer IP address yourself. This way the setting will stay the same.

Mac Address How do I find my mac address to use for network security. You can use this information to set different security levels on your router, keeping your internet connection safe from intruders.

Enable Printer and File sharing How to enable in Windows XP And Vista. Before you can share any files or printers on your home network, you must enable sharing on all computers.

Router IP Address How to find your router IP and configure it. You will need to know this information to setup your router on your home network. Each brand of router starts with a default manufacturers IP address.

Find a computer on your network A quick tip to find another computer on your home network. This is a quick way to find other computers on a Windows XP network.

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