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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Forgot XP Password : Easy to Handle / Recovery that password.

I always like to use my PC on different user name in my office and home. Everywhere One PC is used by several person. So Need different Limited User but one or two Administrative User. In this case, Once I have been troubled with few uncertain problems.

One day, I left my Home PC without keeping log off. And the next day, it was just absolutely mis-happened. And I can not open my PC, giving my password which I have given in last day.

It was just very miserable times for me, to find out and re-arrange my password. I just started to use my tricks and tips game with PC. Finally what i got, its simple -

Just follow the steps given below {If you have another user with at least STANDARD PRIVILEGED}. LOG ON with this user and do as follows :-


1. Start-->Run-->lusrmgr.msc and press Enter or OK.
2. Than there`s two folders: Users & Groups. You need Users, than in this folder right click on Administrator-->Set New Password !

So, you are now able to hack in any Windows XP administrator account even when it is password protected. Just follow the hack and you will be able to bypass/hack password, infact change administrator account password.

and if u don't have at least STANDARD Privileged USER Then few tools can be helpful. Such as JOHN THE RIPPER - Simple to use and simple to handle -

First go to http://openwall.com/john/ and download the lates JTR windows version (not DOS)

Now unzip it and save the folder to c:.

Rename the folder "John" so it can be easier. now go to the RUN folder and you will see "John-837" (or something like that) and rename it "John" Also...

Now find a good DES hash.. Right now I will use:

Now save your hash in a text file called passwd.txt. Put that file in the "RUN" folder of john.

Now go to the start menu and click on run. Now type "cmd" and press "ok"

Now in the command prompt, type:

"cd c:\john\RUN"

Now type "John passwd.txt" and it will start to brute force the password. Just press any key to see the progress or press "CTRL C" to stop it. When it's done it will let you know.

Now you can type "john -show passwd.txt" and it will successfully show you the cracked password..

Disclaimer : All the tricks and tips given in our Topics in this technology Blogs are for informative. Not to use any illegal ways. We do not encourage the Tricks to use bad way. We want to spread out our knowledge to help people who suffer such kind of problem in their house and office.

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