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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Test your own Internet Speed

We use Broadband Internet Connection at our home and office. All the time, we are biased by Service Provider about the speed Without having any clue about speed of the internet we are using. In such case, We may have some tools and tricks to get update always. In internet we can find a lot of freeware tools like DUmeter. As I used DUmeter is one of easy to use tools.

In such case, A good online broadband speed tester will help us to choose the best internet options in the market, take the best decision and sometimes this will make you save some good money.

I have found another free tool to test your broadband speed test.

It will work with the most accurate results available for any type of connection including ADSL, cable and mobile broadband. It easy to use, just choose the details of your internet connection (provider, supposed speed, monthly internet and phone line cost, your postcode and a rate of your provider) then run the speed test and see the results with information on Broadband download speed and Broadband upload speed test.

Download DWMeter - DUMETER For more latest Version CLICK HERE NEW VERSION

Goto Broadband Speed tester - ONLINE TEST NOW

Try it and let me know how it worked for you :)

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