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Monday, February 9, 2009

Callsinfo : A Smartphone Application to get call record.

CallsInfo is a Symbian mobile phone application or rather a smartphone application. Callsinfo is a Call logs application which breaks the monotone way of getting the calls details in a S60 phone.

* First application which analyze outgoing calls and incoming calls graphically.
* First application which provides a detail about with whom you have talked maximum.
* First application which provide you detail about your bill.
* Know how much sms you have sent to which number.
* Detailed analysis of Incoming, Outgoing and sms.
* Know your expected expenditure without contacting the operator.

Main feature:
  • With this application you can also keep an eye on the number to which you have talked maximum.
  • You can also store your call rates in the application and this application will automatically calculate the bill for you.
  • You can also know the information like how many SMS have sent to each number.
  • CallsInfo memorizes your calling pattern of each month and can estimate your future expenditure on the basis of the data it collects.

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