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Sunday, July 26, 2009

10baseT Straight Cable (PC to HUB/SWITCH)

Straight cables are used to connect PCs or other equipment to a HUB or Switch. If your connection is PC to PC or HUB to HUB you MUST use a Crossed cable.

The following cable description is for the wiring of both ends (RJ45 Male connectors) with the 568B category 5(e) wiring colors you could, of course, use the 568A colour scheme.

Pin No. strand color Name
1 white and orange TX+
2 orange TX-
3 white and green RX+
4 NC *
5 NC *
6 green RX-
7 NC *
8 NC *

NOTE: Items marked * are not necessary for 10M LANs (10base-T) but since you will be moving shortly to 100MB LANs (won't you) you will save yourself a LOT OF TIME finding crappy cable (that you made) that does not work. Instead we suggest you wire to 100Base-T4 standards. After all you gotta stick the ends somewhere man.

We use BLUE for 10base-T straight cables. NOTE: All our wiring is now done to the 100base-T4 spec which you can use with 10base-T networks - but NOT necessarily the other way around.

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