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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Auto Kindle eBook Converter : Download

Kindle users know they can e-mail documents as attachments to their Kindle account and Amazon will convert and upload them to the e-book reader for a 10-cent fee. Windows users aren't tied to the e-mail option, though, thanks to the Auto Kindle eBook Converter.

This PDF-to-Kindle converter doesn't have much of a GUI, but works fine.

(Credit: Art by Alex Samlihan/CNET)

Compatible with PDF, HTML, LIT, PDB, and CHM files, the program opens to a Windows file browser. Choose the file you want to convert, hit Open, and then choose your destination folder. The converter goes to work, generally converting files quickly--although this depends on the length of your document.

When it's done, connect your Kindle to your computer and move the MOBI file into the Documents folder. Safely disconnect the Kindle, and the converted file will appear in your main list of documents, automatically converted on the Kindle to its default MPB format.

However, it lacks a decent interface. The file-browsing option that you get doesn't slow down the conversion process--it's just jarring. There are other areas where the program will hopefully be improved, too. A setting for a default directory isn't dependent on getting that GUI and would cut out the unnecessary step of navigating to your preferred output folder.

Ideally, the program will eventually auto-detect your Kindle and save the converted document directly to the proper folder on the e-book reader.

Auto Kindle eBook Converter bridges the gap between DOC and TXT files and the Kindle. Using a print-to-PDF program like doPDF or PrimoPDF, you can convert a DOC or TXT to PDF, and then use the Auto Kindle eBook Converter to make your document Kindle-friendly. While not the slickest of methods, it should work for most users. Even saddled with a list of improvements, the Auto Kindle eBook Converter holds a lot of promise.


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