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Monday, April 13, 2009

What is Microsoft Runtime Error 429 ?

When you get a message that reads: “Active X component can’t create object.” it means Your PC is facing Microsoft Runtime Error 429. This error is usually generated when you try to automate tasks within a Microsoft Office application, a problem that is common in Windows XP.

Runtime error 429 often occurs if the task you are trying to automate requires the use of the CreateObject or VB (Visual Basic) New operator function to create an Office instance. This Microsoft error might occur because one of the following situations:

The application in question is not installed properly or contains corrupt files.

Essential values in the registry are missing or corrupt.

Template objects such as Excel.xlb and Normal.dot are corrupt.

To fix runtime error 429, you can try re-registering the application that is presenting the problems. For example, if Microsoft Word is the culprit, open the file prompt, navigate to the folder that contains the Word.exe file, run the word.exe\regserver command, and then click “OK.” If the template files are causing the issue, deleting those files and recreating them should solve the problem. Once you restart the application, the files will be recreated and the program should work fine.

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