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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Google Adsense : How we can create URL channels?

By assigning a channel to a combination of pages or ad units, we can track the performance of a leaderboard versus a banner, or compare our different pages.

We can even create a channel to track each of your separate domains, so you can see where your clicks are coming from.

While channels can be used to track performance and revenue, they won't have any effect on your earnings or ad targeting.

There are two types of channels from which to choose: URL channels, and custom channels.

URL channels are easy to implement. There are no changes to your AdSense ad code, so you can create your channels from within your publisher account, and immediately begin tracking performance.

You can use URL channels to track individual pages, or to track groups of pages based on the directory structure of your site.

To track a single page : enter the full path of the page in step 3 below:

Example : example.com/sample.html

To track a script that generates multiple pages : enter the full path of the script, without the '?', in step 3 below. This will track example.com/sample.asp?keyword=one, example.com/sample.asp?keyword=two , etc.

Example : example.com/sample.asp

To track all pages below a specific directory : enter a partial URL in step 3 below.

Example : example.com/sample

To track only pages across a specific subdomain : enter the subdomain in step 3 below.

Example : sports.example.com

To track all pages on a domain: enter the domain name in step 3 below. To track all impressions and clicks across the domain (including any existing subdomains), enter the domain name without the 'www'.

Example : example.com

To create a URL channel:

  1. Log in to google account at https://www.google.com/adsense
  2. Click the Channels link below the AdSense Setup tab.
  3. Choose the AdSense for content sub-tab and click the URL Channels link
  4. Click Add new URL channel, and in the resulting text box, enter the URL that we would like to track.
  5. Click Add channels.

The new URL channel will begin tracking data almost immediately.

Keep in mind that because URL channels don't require changes to our code, there's no need to designate a URL channel when generating your AdSense code. Once we've created a URL channel, it will track automatically.

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