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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Convert YouTube video to high quality video!mp4

YouTube users have come across a serious problem of getting low quality of video even though the video is of high quality at the time of uploading to YouTube by their respective owners. Here is how the uploading of videos to YouTube takes place:

How YouTube convert videos while uploading any type of video.

watch youtube videos with high quality

watch youtube videos with high quality

YouTube automatically converts any video to a 320 x 240 PX flash video while uploading video no matter what the format of video (WAV, AVI, MOV and MPG) is and the resolution. It encodes the flash video to a data rate of about 250kbps, and the audio into MP3 (22.050 KHz monophonic). This will make the Videos crappy.

Watch YouTube video in high quality MP4 video

There is a cleaver solution for YouTube users and only some sort of change to the URL of the YouTube video (www.YouTube.com/watch?v=QeSddd) can make the video play with high quality. The address specified above like YouTube.com/watch?v=Qesddd is the video address YouTube gives to the video after being resized.

Here the trick lies and you have to give a small suffix to the address like &fmt=6 to the YouTube video address. For example, If your YouTube video you want to watch is at the URL www.YouTube.com/watch?v=Qesddd only add &fmt=6 as suffix. Here how it looks after adding this piece of code to the URL - www.YouTube.com/watch?v=Qesddd&fmt=6. This you can watch the same video in 448×336 PX. If your internet connection is fast and you want to get more then you can add &fmt=18 instead of &fmt=6.
YouTube will deliver the same video in MP4 format(H264 with AAC audio), encoded at 480×360 resolution for the code &fmt=18 added as suffix.

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