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Friday, March 20, 2009

Finding missing websites (ERROR 404).

You may go to a web site or click a link to a site that does not exist and you’ll probably get an error message saying, "Error 404, Object Not Found." If you do, there is a little trick you can do to help locate the missing file. Let’s pretend you attempted to go to http://www.website.com/page/missing/web.html. If you receive an error message saying it cannot find that web site, try going back to the root of the website to try and locate the site that you are looking for. For example, attempt to go to http://www.website.com/page/missing. You may be able to find a link for your page from there. And if that doesn’t work, try going to http://www.website.com/page, and then just http://www.website.com. You should have a good chance of locating the site you are looking for from one of those sites if it has been moved or renamed. However, if it has been deleted you are out of luck.

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