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Thursday, March 19, 2009

customize windows xp with vista customization pack to give windows xp the vista look

Give windows vista touch to your windows xp by using Vista customization pack. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade your windows xp to vista, You can simple customize your existing windows xp to look like vista. Windows vista customization pack will give all flashy features of windows vista to your windows xp.
customize windows xp to get vista look with vista customization pack

customize windows xp to get vista look with vista customization pack

The new Vista customization pack for windows xp include features that give transparency look to your windows xp, 3D vista style icons, cursors ,login and boot screens, and some vista themes. You can customize your windows xp to vista all for free and you won’t spend a single penny on customization.
Major changes to your system icons, windows tray, enhancements to your desktop like dock bar, skins and toolbars will be available with this customization pack. Transfer file progress will transform into 3D graphics and sound schemes are changed.

Features of vista customization pack 3.6 include:

  • Goodies (New Wall papers,Aero Visual Style,The WB Skin,Styler Toolbar themes)
  • Language Independant
  • Dialogues are customized
  • New system and desktop properties
  • IconCache rebuild
  • DLL Patching [similar to Brico's Pack]
  • Msstyle and WB 5 Theme
  • New Icons Installation
  • Uninstaller [Revert your system easily]
  • Modded UXTheme
  • WMP 11 Skin
  • New Screensavers (Aurora)

There is a problem with this customization pack. Since majority of changes take place to your windows xp, Some features will not work as usual and you can’t make changes every time to your windows xp like installing or uninstalling programs. If your pc is old or slow, then i don’t recommend it to your pc because it takes more system resources. If you have 1GB or 512Mb (min) RAM and your processor is some what high speed,then i recommend it to you.

It is available at softonic

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