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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yahoo Messenger With Tabs: Mozilla Like Style

Imagine chatting with 5-6 friends at a time and you whole computer screen is filled with chatting windows. It just seems a nightmare. So guys there's a solution to this problem. With this registry tweak you can mod your yahoo messenger so it won't open multiple windows while chatting with many people at the same time.

You will have tabs for different friends like these days we have tabs in browsers. If you don't want tabs at a particular time, you can also turn off this feature with a simple right click on the person's tab and choose open in new window. This little hack will change your chatting experience because you will have a neat screen to look at.

I have made two registry files for the mod. Just download the file and unzip it. It will have two registry file; one named "Tabs" and one "No Tabs". If you want to enable tabs in your messenger just double click on "Tabs" file and click ok when a dialog box appears.

While you can turn off the tab feature in yahoo messenger itself, I have also provided a "No Tabs" registry file so that in case you want this feature to be completely out of your messenger, you can simple double click on this file and choose ok when a dialog box appears.

Size: 24 KB
Download: Mirror 1, Mirror 2

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