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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


These first twelve (12) shortcuts utilize the Windows Key which is located at the lower left hand corner and, the lower right hand corner of your keyboard between the Ctrl and Alt keys. If it is not there, then you do not have a Windows keyboard.
Ctrl Windows Key Alt
The keyboard image effects that you see above and below are being controlled through an external .css (Cascading Style Sheet) file. These are not actual images, but a carefully thought out list of CSS attributes that gives the appearance of a key on a Windows keyboard.
Windows Key + E
Opens a new Explorer Window. Probably one of the hottest Windows keyboard shortcuts. This one gets a lot of hoorahs!
Windows Key
Displays the Start Menu.
Windows Key + D
Minimizes all windows and shows the Desktop.
Windows Key + D
Opens all windows and takes you right back to where you were.
Windows Key + F
Displays the Find all files dialog box.
Windows Key + L
Lock your Windows XP computer.
Windows Key + M
Minimizes all open windows.
Windows Key + Shift + M
Restores all previously open windows to how they were before you Minimized them.
Windows Key + R
Displays the Run command.
Windows Key + F1
Displays the Windows Help menu.
Windows Key + Pause/Break
Displays the Systems Properties dialog box.
Windows Key + Tab
Cycle through the buttons on the Task Bar.
Alt + Tab
Toggle (switch) between open windows.

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