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Thursday, March 19, 2009

How To Search Google For Confidential Files On The Internet

On the other hand, unethical hacking is the process of entering private networks or sites on the Internet and offline in order to access confidential information and the like. The data that is retrieved from hacking into these sites and networks are then used for criminal activities. These criminals oftentimes use the confidential information they gain to extract passwords, banking details, credit card accounts, and even personal data that can be used to further support their criminal activities.

There is a Google hack that makes use of the filetype syntax followed by any file format directed towards a domain extension as well as the particular type of information. For instance, you can do a search on Google for all file types related to the data you want to acquire by keying in: filename:xxx site:yyy zzz where xxx is the file extension, yyy the domain extension, and zzz the type of information. In more general terms - if you wanted to have access to the confidential documents of any government, you can key in filetype:doc site:gov confidential.

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