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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Messenger For Orkut - Scrapboy

Scrapboy enables you to send and receive instant scraps on Orkut without a browser. It keeps you login into Orkut for a long time and right on your desktop as a small standalone running software. It is just like a messenger .

Some of scrapboy’s features include:

1. Instant notification : You get notified by this scrapbook software as soon as someone scribbles into your orkut scrapbook. It is quite similar as when you get notified by an instant messenger when you get any new intant message. Scrapboy notifies you of new scrap by audio and visula alerts which can be configured as per user’s choice.

2. Orkut Emoticons and smileys : You can add emoticons and smileys to your orkut scraps easily and conveniently using scrapboy. You can even do text formatting using bold italic and different colors with easy visual rich text area editor.

3. Easy to use : When you login into scrapboy with your orkut account, then all of your friends get loaded into this scrapbook software automatically and instantly. So sending a scrap is just a click away.

Download It Here

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