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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Download DUPLIFINDER: Duplicate Image Finder in Your PC

DupliFinder : Duplicate Image Finder in Your Pc

duplifinder -

DupliFinder scans and checks image similarities by analyzing the MD5 sum (i.e. the digital fingerprint) of each file. The interface is stark and it lets you browse to your image folder or drag and drop it directly into the program. It lets you check folders or sub-folders for images which are identical and also for photos which are similar. Thus, you might get find related as well as duplicate photos in the results window. The preview helps you to choose which ones to delete. The scan speed is a bit sluggish especially for large image folders but the comparison results are close to the mark.

The 407 KB software runs as a standalone executable and requires Java 1.5.

Supported OS: Windows, Linux

To use: Run application, browser for start directory or drop directory from windows explorer and hit Search. After results will arrive, select original image from the left and duplicate from the bottom. If you wish to delete one or both of them, hit red cross under each one of those images. Happy use. Don’t forget to tell me how it was.

Download Duplicate Image Finder (alpha)>> (200k, no installation required)

You can download new version from CodePlex (change set 13728)

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