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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Download SimilarImages : Another duplicate image finder

similar images -find duplicate pictures

SimilarImages finds duplicate images on the hard drive using a ‘graphics library’ which checks the images for compositional similarities. The results depend on a configurable similarity threshold value which can be set by the user or left at the default mark. The program can handle a wide variety of image formats and searches for similarities using the Normal, Inclusive (only within the same source-directory), or Exclusive (Only outside the same source-directory) search modes. The program also has a feature to process only new files by a certain date.

The results window comes with two image panels and includes several actions like deleting one or both files and swapping files (replace one with the other). Using the ‘Semi-automated Deletion’ function one can also pre-select one file from the duplicates counting on the user-configurable rules.

Supported OS: Windows : Download from here

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